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The Firebrand 5: Peri(Menopause) Program

By popular demand, comprehensive online coaching for women experiencing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Go from feeling confused and frustrated about your menopausal symptoms, to feeling in control and empowered. From knowing how to eat, exercise, sleep, manage your stress, and treat your hormones - I’ve got you covered.


Ignite Your Energy: A Self-Paced Course To Beat Fatigue

When it feels like your inner flame has gone out.
This course is for women who want to rekindle their drive and motivation, who are dragging through the day and want more stamina. Many factors influence energy levels as we age. This course tackles sleep, nutrition, exercise, and nutritional deficiencies. After completing this program, you'll have actionable interventions to try, and you will know which lab tests to discuss with your doctor.