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I believe anyone can improve their health, at any age.

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I use my clinical expertise and passion for nutrition and fitness to empower women to age with wellness and vitality.

My programs give you the tools you need to live up to your healthiest potential...now, and beyond.


Are you looking for a reset?

Are you feeling tired and run down? Does it seem that you just don't have the energy to power through anymore? Have you noticed changes to your body that feel unwelcome and out of control? 

Have you been told this is all an unavoidable part of aging? That it's all in your head? 

I disagree. Women are capable of becoming strong, lean, energetic powerhouses at any age. 

Women are not

small men.

Have you tried a diet along with a male partner, only to give up in frustration as he lost weight and you were left tired and hungry? Have you followed advice from popular press and social media and ended up nowhere? You are not alone, my friend. Most dietary and health studies are conducted in men, not women. A woman's physiology is unique and "one size fits all" approaches do not work.

That's where Firebrand Wellness comes in. I teach courses for women to guide them to the best nutrition, exercise and lifestyle approaches for their unique needs. No dogma, no frustration.

Join us...

and make a radical change 


Launching April 7, 2023: Wellness Foundations for Women. A 12-week live group course to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable nutrition, exercise, sleep habits and more for women over 30. Join us and refocus on your health.

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