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The Firebrand 5

Starting May 15, 2024: The Firebrand 5 is a 6-week course, packed with answers to all your questions about menopause and how to age with vitality. 

You will gain the 5 tools that make the biggest impact on your health during the menopausal transition:

  1. Nutrition: What and how to eat to gain energy and improve body composition
  2. Movement: How to exercise to build lean muscle and prevent osteoporosis
  3. Sleep: How to improve your sleep quality and duration
  4. Stress management: How to manage life's stressors and improve mental health
  5. Hormone management: A deep dive into treating your fluctuating (or rock bottom) hormones, via herbs, nutrients, and hormone-replacement therapy options. Arm yourself with information so you can speak to your doctor with confidence.

In addition, you will receive two coaching sessions with Dr. Alisha Ghajar, to discuss your specific situation and learn more about options for your particular symptoms and concerns. Two sessions would typically cost $600, offered at 1/2 price for The Firebrand 5 participants (limited availability). 

Learn more about The Firebrand 5 here.

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