Ignite Your Energy

When it feels like the flame has gone out...


A self-paced program for women who want to level up their sleep, nutrition, and movement to maximize their energy. 


Are you tired of feeling tired?

This is the primary concern women in their 30's, 40's and 50's share with me in my clinical practice. Fatigue seems to afflict women at all stages, and it only gets worse with age.

Are you struggling with the afternoon slump? Are you reaching for coffee more often than you'd like? Do you lack the motivation to reach your goals? We've got you.

This course is for you, if: 

  • You know your sleep could be better, but you don't know where to start.
  • You want to¬†learn how to nourish your body with foods that provide continuous energy.
  • You want to learn what types of movement are best for energy production and long-term health.¬†

This course is for you if

you are ready to feel

vibrant and energetic.

To get through your work day without crashing. 
To have the stamina to play with your kids. 
To wake up, ready to take on the world.

Ignite Your 


A self-paced course created specifically for women just like you, who want to fire up their energy with science-based, practical advice. 



Learn research-backed strategies for optimal health in four areas that affect vitality: sleep, nutrition, movement, and nutritional deficiencies.

You will also have access to the following tools:

  • Information-filled PDF reference guides for every module
  • Access to the course for life, including the growing FAQ's About Energy library
  • The ability to have your specific questions answered through the course submission form

Show up for yourself and Ignite Your Energy. 



  • Self-paced, go at your own speed
  • Recordings available for life, access any time
  • Access to the¬†growing FAQ's About Energy library
  • Downloadable workbooks packed with detailed information



Read my story¬† ‚ěĚ

I believe anyone can improve their health, at any age.

I help women live healthier lives through my clinical expertise, passion for nutrition and fitness, and focus on what works for a woman's unique physiology. 

I've been there with fatigue - I've definitely done that. As a mom of a toddler, a small-business owner, and a practicing physician, I've had to optimize my lifestyle for the most energy possible to fuel my busy life. 

This course is the culmination of the lifestyle recommendations that work for me and my patients. 

It's time to Ignite Your Energy


It's time to show up for yourself.


Are you ready?


Let's do this!