Tired of Feeling Tired?


This is the primary concern women in their 30's, 40's and 50's share with me in my clinical practice. Fatigue, along with brain fog and weight gain, seem to afflict women at all stages. 

Are you struggling with the afternoon slump? Are you reaching for coffee more often than you'd like? Do you lack the motivation to reach your goals? We've got you.

Are you struggling with weight loss?


For many women, it was easy to lose weight in their 20's. You just needed to exercise a little more, maybe take a weekend off from alcohol, and no problem!

Not so in our 30's-50's. 

You may have even tried a program with a male partner - only to find he crushed his goals while you...gained? How is that possible?!?

Our hormones and lifestyles change as we age, and our old tricks don't work anymore. We need a different approach. 

That's where Wellness Foundations for Women comes in. 

If you want a different outcome, you need a different approach.



It's time to start over. Scratch the dogma and fad diets that you think will work for you and learn how to establish healthy lifestyle changes for good. Learn from women who have transformed their bodies and reclaimed their energy in midlife and beyond. 

Wellness Foundations for Women is a 12-week live group course taught by me, a Naturopathic Physician with years of experience treating women just like you. I bring science-based tools and clinical knowledge, mixed with real-world life hacks, so you can reach your healthiest potential. 

This is a program by women, for women. Because women are not small men, and one size does not fit all.

 Your health is a priority

It's time to show up for yourself.

Are you ready? 


Wellness Foundations for Women

A 12-week live group coaching program exploring the 6 pillars of women's wellness


Learn research-backed strategies for wellness, as well as hacks, tips and tricks from a Naturopathic Doctor. In 12 weeks, I'll teach you how to:

  • Meal plan to reach your goals
  • Choose the movement plan that meets you where you are at while challenging you to be your fittest
  • Reclaim connection with your body and feel better than ever

You will join a cohort of other like-minded women and share in your struggles, form a supportive community, and learn from each other.

Show up for yourself and ignite your spark. 


Take a deep-dive into one of my favorite topics. We'll discuss why women gain weight with age. Learn what macros are, and how much you should be eating. Sift through popular diets and learn if they are right for you. Prevent pitfalls of dieting and gain strategies for real-world situations. I will teach you how to make it easy for your lifestyle, sharing tools I use myself and key meal prep guidelines for your busy life. 


Strong women are healthy women. Strong women resist bone loss, fatigue, and age-related weight gain. Learn how to incorporate the most effective exercise tools to build a physique that will carry you through this decade and beyond. I will give you an exercise plan that works, dispel some pervasive myths, and teach you how to love moving your body with confidence.



Learn why sleep is so important, how much you really need, and when you need to get it. Troubleshoot the situations that can make it challenging, and get some advice from a doctor for tools that really work. 





Do you know how your hormones affect you as you age? Most women were not taught about perimenopause or menopause as young women, and it can feel like you are all alone in the wilderness. From your adrenals and thyroid hormones to your changing sex hormones - we'll cover it all. You will gain information to empower you at your next wellness exam, signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and what to do when things go sideways. This is the sex ed class everyone should have.


Happy gut, happy body. Have you noticed you don't tolerate the same foods anymore? Are you more sensitive to alcohol? Do you feel bloated more often than not? This is not all in your head. Your gut plays a big role in your overall health and ability to process hormones and handle stressful situations. Learn what is "normal", and how to heal what is not. I'll share tips on products that work and those to steer clear from. 



It's not all in your head. But some of it is, and what a powerhouse your brain can be. Learn how to manage your mind to get the results you want from your health goals, your relationships, and more. We will be joined by the spectacular Sari Kimbell -  Reinvention Coach, entrepreneur, and general badass.





Space is limited and the price will never be lower than it is today.



  • Twelve weekly live group lessons taught by a licensed Naturopathic Doctor
  • Recordings available for life
  • Access to the online community of like-minded women
  • Downloadable workbooks, resources and handouts 
  • Exclusive discounts on a number of services throughout the program



  • All the same benefits, with the convenience of two separate payments, automatically charged 30 days apart



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I believe anyone can improve their health, at any age.

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I use my clinical expertise and passion for nutrition and fitness to empower women to reach their wellness goals. 

My courses will empower you to live up to your healthiest potential. 


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